Innovative CAQ concept

Generally speaking, conventional quality assurance searches out errors through inspection routines and then removes them. Information generated from such events is generally isolated and is not subsequently used for active knowledge generation.
The result:Cost intensive inspections, repeated errors, complaints and lost knowledge potential.

iqs Control Cycle Principle

Avoidance of errors in the first place.
The iqs principle places greater emphasis on error correction. To that end it is possible to use your CAQ software specifically for prevention. Errors are not just removed retrospectively but rather avoided in the first place.

Continual Improvement Process
iqs CAQ solutions are based on both the continual improvement process (CIP) and the PDCA cycle. All modules have been based on these four phases (Plan Do Check Act).
Your development and production processes are transparently mapped, error sources are eliminated in advance and expensive inspection routines are avoided.

How does it work?
As the data is centrally managed within the CAQ solution, it is available to all modules. Through information feedback, from FMEA and inspection planning for example, complaints and error capture are permanently and actively used in order to build up knowledge know-how. Through this constantly growing knowledge, a more consequent quality control cycle is generated.

The result:
Through the iqs control cycle principle, knowledge and therefore quality is generated from errors. This consequent closed loop, leads to a continual cost reduction and quality improvement.

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