What's special about the iqs CAQ?

Central data administration
All data is entered only once, managed centrally and available in all modules. This not only means that the time consuming, error prone multiple entry of data is gone but also generates a continuous quality control cycle.

Control cycle for quality and cost optimisation
Through the linking of iqs CAQ modules, a continuous control cycle is generated through which quality is improved, errors avoided and cost drivers eliminated. Through this integration and central data management, feedback is actively used in order to generate valuable and usable knowledge.
All iqs modules can also be used as a stand alone solution.

Consequent error avoidance
The control cycle principle of the iqs CAQ Software guarantees that no piece of information, no matter how small, gets left on its own. From errors that occur and their subsequent removal, new knowledge about how this error can be avoided is generated and retained instead of just seeking out the problem and rectifying it.

Complete transparency
Due to the integration and continuity of our CAQ Software and the central linking of information in a knowledge pool, you always have a complete view of everything. Processes, results and documentation are completely transparent. An ideal basis upon which to make the right decisions for your quality management.

Perfect Integration
The CAQ modules from iqs have all been developed in-house. This creates a perfect integration and optimum interplay of individual building blocks and components.


You can get started straight away with our CAQ Software. All solutions are installed from start to finish by our professionals so that you can work productively from day one.

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