iqs RKM Complaints management
iqs ADT Audit
iqs MM Action management
iqs AC Analysis Center
iqs WZI Tool management system

iqs RKM - Complaints management

With iqs complaints management (RKM), you can quickly generate, process and track complaints - both internally and externally, from suppliers or customers or within the company itself.
Using iqs RKM you can create corresponding company specific templates for all steps and workfows regarding the processing of customer complaints. Naturally templates are also available for 8D, 5D and 4D reports.


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iqs ADT - Audit

The iqs Audit is designed for coherent planning, implementation, and management of customer, supplier and internal audits. It drastically reduces the documenting and archiving effort.
Through the integrated action management, you can track all necessary and planned tasks and ensure they are on time.

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iqs MM - Action management

The iqs MM accesses all modules which contain actions. This makes the central tracking of actions from the complaints management, the FMEA, Audits, Statistical Process Controls (SPC), and APQP possible. Furthermore, it allows actions from independent modules to be included, therefore optimising the organisation of your own tasks. Using iqs MM you can plan the necessary resources for tackling the actions in an economic and efficient manner.

Actions overview

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iqs AC - Analysis Center

The iqs AnalyseCenter enables central access to all iqs modules where the creation of analyses is relevant, for example, complaints management, supplier analysis, SPC or APQP. The integrated filter function means detailed analyses can be generated using freely definable time periods.


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iqs WZI - Tool management system

The iqs tool information system enables you to recognise capacity limits of tools and indicates in good time when to order capacity and spare tools. Moreover it is possible to plan in the necessary time for tool maintenance.

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