iqs ISIR Initial sample inspection report
iqs APQP Advanced product quality planning
iqs PP-CP Control plan / Inspection plan
iqs FMEA  Failure mode effect analysis

iqs ISIR - Initial sample inspection report

The iqs initial sample inspection report is the quick and easy way to create and evaluate initial sample inspection reports in either PPAP, VDA or customer specific formats. Our customers confirm that when used consequently, the iqs ISIR offers a time saving potential of up to 80%.

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iqs APQP - Advanced product quality planning

iqs APQP is a software module for the definition and completion of available actions which form the basis of a successfully controlled project.
It maps out in detail a project up to the start of production including all individual steps, all deadlines and cost requirements.


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iqs Control plan / Inspection plan

The iqs inspection planning PP/CP enables the creation of both inspection and control plans for all the areas of goods received, goods out, intermediate inspections and SPC in one module.

Using iqs PP/CP you can generate inspection plans quickly and without error from initial sample inspection reports or technical drawing.

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iqs FMEA - Failure mode effect analysis

Using iqs FMEA you can comfortably and easily create and update all norm conform system, process and construction FMEAs. Risk analyses can be carried out using the VDA process in 5 steps (structure analysis, function analysis, error analysis, action analysis, and optimisation.

Risk matrix

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